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You Never Know When You Are Making A Difference

You Never Know When You Are Making A Difference in Someone Else’s Life.

The below message is from Faith Sensibaugh in OK. I was so touched, I wanted to share this with our Drivers. You never know when you are making a difference in someone else’s life. Thank you Faith for sharing & everyone here at Dillon Transportation is thinking of Dillon & his family & extended family.

This message may seem random & odd but your trucks hold a special place in our hearts. Almost a year ago my sons best friend, Dillon Wilkett, was diagnosed with brain cancer & spent a lot of time in OU medical center. It seemed that every time we hit the highway we would see a Dillon truck… One or more on the way up to OKC & then again on the way home. It always gave us a sense of peace. I’ve probably taken 20+ pictures of your trucks & sent them to his mom telling her we were on our way up or headed home. Dillon went to heaven a couple of months ago… and the trucks are even more special to us now. Maybe a huge coincidence… but seeing one always puts a smile on our faces. It’s like he puts them in our path. ??