Honoring Years of Service

Even though unforeseeable circumstances prevented the company from having our traditional safety meeting we still want to recognize and honor our drivers and office personnel on their exemplary service to the company. Special thanks to everyone for their hard work, dedication, and service! Without all of you we would not be able to stand by our motto “Service Second to None”. We appreciate all of you and are thankful to have you on the team!

Congratulations to Mason Nicholson, Wallace Tittle, Mikel Torgerson, and William Galloway for 10 years of outstanding service to the company! Your dedication and loyalty to the company is much appreciated. Thank you, gentlemen, for going above and beyond in your jobs!

The following employees have each provided outstanding service, hard work, and dedication to the company and we want to honor each of them as well!

14 Years:

John Winchester

Randy Bowman

13 Years:

Preston Majors

John & Eva Holman

12 Years:

Dana Finnegan

James Garland

11 Years:

Toby Heine

David Alford

9 Years:

George Fisher

8 Years:

Becky Crowley

Scott Kennedy

Roy Salas

7 Years:

Anthony Fiasco

Robert Ornelas

George Hardin

Ben Howard

Michael Coomer

Phillip Gattorna

6 Years:

Carl Threet

Ernest Campbell

John Osborne

5 Years:

Chris Wolff

Donna Wolff