In Loving Memory of Pete Melvin Noble

We have lost another member of the Dillon Transportation Family this week with the heartbreaking loss of driver Pete Noble in Kingman, Arizona. Pete began working as a driver with Dillon back in June of 2019 until he had to come off the road due to health issues in December of 2022. Pete passed away…

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In Loving Memory of Thomas Preston Majors

Dillon Transportation has been described by many of its employees as a family. Family can be a blessing as it brings much joy and community amongst each other, but the closeness of a family can also yield much hurt when we lose one of our own. We are feeling the loss in our Dillon family…

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What Is the Split Sleeper Berth?

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) limits how long commercial motor vehicle drivers can remain behind the wheel through its Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. The sleeper berth provision, under HOS regulations, was meant to promote safer driving habits and schedule flexibility in the trucking business. However, it remains one of the more complicated…

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How to Get a CDL in Tennessee

CDL license

Earning a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is the first step to becoming a commercial truck driver. A (CDL) is required for anyone who operates a commercial vehicle in Tennessee. Commercial Driver’s Licenses are classified into three classes depending on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR), and what is being transported.…

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How to Get a CDL in Arizona

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How to Get a CDL in Arizona To secure a job in Arizona’s trucking industry, one must obtain a commercial license. If you’re looking to start a truck driving career, getting a commercial driver’s license will open up all kinds of opportunities for you. A commercial driver’s license demonstrates that you’re adequately trained, tested, and…

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Donnie Dillon Humanitarian Award

truck driver jobs

Congratulations to Ralph Fisher and Gary Hayward for being our first two recipients of the Donnie Dillon Humanitarian Award! The award is given in memory of my husband, Donnie Dillon, due to his compassionate and generous heart for others. Throughout his lifetime he prioritized passing along his blessing to others to brighten their lives. The…

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Million Mile Club Inductees

Congratulations to our 2022 Million Mile Club Inductees! Dillon Transportation takes great pride in the safety, reliability, and dedication from our drivers. Once a driver reaches 1,000,000 miles they can be inducted into the Million Mile Club at Dillon Transportation. The inductees are each awarded a Personalized Plaque, A Deluxe Watch Personalized With the Dillon…

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Top Trucking & Driving Jobs

Trucker looking out of his window

Are you looking for a new career? Do you enjoy driving? Do you think you can handle it for a full shift, day in and day out? If so, there are great jobs out there for those who enjoy cruising the open road. Whether you are interested in long-haul driving or local routes, prefer a…

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In Loving Memory of Donnie Dillon With heavy hearts we mourn the loss of our father, husband, boss, and friend- Donnie Dillon, whom we tragically lost on December 30th, 2021. Donnie Dillon was a great man who had a vision and followed through with Dillon Transportation LLC. He went from working out of the trunk…

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Second Quarter of 2021 Years of Service Awards

Second Quarter of 2021 Years of Service Awards Congratulations to all of the wonderful, dedicated employees who have served Dillon Transportation well over the past years. Our employees and drivers make this company continue to flourish and grow. The past year was challenging and we want to extend our gratitude to all of you for…

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