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Dillon Transportation worker driving to the Arizona terminal location

Reliable & Respectable Transportation in Arizona

Arizona is the Grand Canyon State, but it’s notable for much more than its natural wonders. It’s also a major hub for shipping solutions around the country, drawing many truck drivers and trucking companies to the area. Of these, Dillon Transportation stands out as one of the most dependable and respectable service providers in the area. Unbeatable on-time delivery rates and unparalleled customer satisfaction make us a team worth joining — and our Arizona location is no exception. Learn more about the jobs available at this site, as well as the perks of joining the Dillon Transportation team.

Our Trucking Services

The Dillon Transportation team oversees a range of positions from its Arizona location. Our shipping solutions truck drivers serve clients across the country, so we strive to provide trucking positions that meet our staff’s needs. Our competitive pay, team mentality, and culture of integrity make us the best trucking company to work for in the Arizona area. The following trucking services offer opportunities to drivers looking for their next great job.

CDL Truck Driving Job

CDL trucking jobs are the backbone of our company. Our commercially licensed fleet leaders make the deliveries that keep the company going. Our Arizona location hires CDL truck drivers for routes that span the lower 48 of United States.

These destinations offer lucrative routes for drivers looking to maintain an Arizona home base while enjoying consistent routes. Our Kingman, AZ location makes it easy to embark on any of these routes and return home weekly so that you can make a living and still enjoy your life.

Team Driving Jobs

Solo CDL jobs aren’t the only opportunities at Dillon Transportation. You’ll also find a range of team driving jobs that offer the chance to drive in a pair and maximize your earnings. Team driving jobs that depart from our Kingman, AZ location offer several benefits, including:

  • Never worry about pressure to drive when you’re tired
  • Enjoy the company of a partner while on the road
  • Ensure on-time delivery with assistance from partner
  • Higher income by covering more miles and increased pay

These are just a few of the benefits that a team driving position can offer. Our team drivers who depart from Arizona enjoy the same benefits that the rest of our team benefits from — weekly meals, a convenient truck wash, and a full-service mechanic station. Take advantage of these benefits and hit the road with a partner with a team driving job.

Owner-Operator Truck Driving Job

Owner-operator truck driving jobs are particularly attractive to Arizona-based CDL drivers. Who doesn’t want to take ownership of their work and be their own boss? While still reporting to Dillon Transportation, CDL owner-operators can enjoy the benefits of owning their own truck. We collaborate with owner-operators to provide lucrative routes and clientele. Some of the benefits of this arrangement include:

  • Create your own schedule while still delivering on time
  • Minimize the pressure of hunting for clients
  • Enjoy the benefits of partnership with an established trucking company

We understand that you want to own your work and enjoy independence. You can retain these benefits while still take advantage of the work that Dillon Transportation offers. Join a partnership with us for a lucrative opportunity and professional growth.

Guaranteed Home Weekly Truck Driving Job

One of the biggest downsides of long-haul trucking is the time spent away from home. Even when you’re enjoying a lucrative job with ample opportunities, the time spent away from friends and family may not seem worth the sacrifice. That’s why Dillon Transportation offers all of our truck drivers guaranteed weekly home time that allow drivers to take advantage of lucrative routes while still maintaining their roots at home. This best of both world opportunity is available at our Arizona location, making it a great option for locals who want to explore nationwide routes without uprooting their lives.

Regional and Local Drivers

For those drivers who aim to be home every night rather than every week, Dillon Transportation also offers regional and local routes that are ideal for drivers with families and other obligations that prevent them from committing to long-haul driving. Regional and local routes are unique because they allow drivers to enjoy daily driving without the commitment of a long distance. Arizona CDL drivers looking for a local gig will enjoy routes to and from Dillon’s local clients, including some of the area’s biggest retailers and manufacturers. Drivers can choose routes that work for their schedules and take advantage of all the great benefits offered at the Arizona Dillon location.

Trucking Opportunities in Kingman, AZ

Kingman, AZ, is one of the best places in the U.S. to be if you’re a CDL driver. Why? Because Dillon Transportation maintains our second headquarters here, offering drivers a range of unique benefits. Feel free to park your car at the terminal while you’re on the road and enjoy the cozy size of the center. While we can’t hire out of California, we do hire out of Las Vegas, so drivers in adjacent states are welcome to come join our team. If you’re looking for your next truck driving job, reach out to us for more information.

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