Equipment – Drive Dillon

At Dillon Transportation, we believe that we are only as good as our equipment. That is why we maintain a fleet of premier equipment positioned for shipments across the United States.

Our Tractors

Dillon Transportation only purchases the best for our drivers. All trucks are state-of-the-art 2017 to 2019 Freightliner Cascadia Double Bunk cabs for dependability, safety, and driver comfort. The trucks support DD15 Detroit Engines with 10 Speed Eaton Transmissions and meet SmartWay ℠ environmental standards. The tractors we use make it easier for the drivers to stay alert and comfortable on the road.

Straight Frame Trailers

We run straight frame, air ride, dry van trailers for general commodities. Each unit has both e-tracking and logistics posts to ensure stabilization of loads.

Drop Frame Trailers

We also offer 53′ Drop Frame, Air-Ride, dry van trailers for high cube low density shipments. These trailers are ideal for shipments of appliances, filters, auto parts, lightweight paper products, and any product that requires a little more cubic feet. Each unit offers 600 additional cubic feet of loading space, which decreases the total # of trailers needed to move your product. Many companies in other countries are utilizing these trailers for the following benefits:

  • Less shipping costs due to increased amount of product shipped on each drop frame trailer
  • Better for the environment due to less fossil fuels used to move product
  • More efficient in moving product

For information on loading drop frame trailers, Click Here. For the drop frame trailer dimensions, Click Here.

Loading Guidelines

Dillon’s 53 drop frame trailers have airbags that raise them to a locked position at dock height. These trailers are loaded and unloaded as normal with a forklift. In the raised position, these trailers are 16 inches taller than a standard 53′ dry van. For this reason, we must have all shippers and receivers check to ensure there are no low awnings or over-hangs above the dock doors, to provide clearance for the additional height. Since the tandems are stationary on the drop frame trailers, the total weight cannot exceed 44,000 pounds. For the high cube drop frame trailer dimensions, click here.

E-Logs and Qualcomm

Dillon Transportation runs E-logs through the Qualcomm system in each tractor and provides training on all systems to ensure efficiency. This takes the guesswork out of logs and provides our drivers with the following perks:

  • Saves time going through scales
  • No hours of service violations
  • Provides all information on each load in text form

Maintaining Our Equipment

By operating our own repair and service center, Dillon Transportation is able to keep our equipment in excellent condition and provide timely service and repairs when necessary in order to keep the operation moving.

We have a professional team of expertly trained technicians working in our Ashland City, Tennessee and Kingman, Arizona terminals. They maintain all of our equipment to the highest standards in the industry.