Shipping and Transportation Services in Tennessee

A commercial truck drives down the road on a beautiful sunny day as Dillon Transportation talks about their reliable services in Tennessee

The Trucking Company You Can Trust

Trucking is more than just transportation. It’s a bond of trust between two parties that must be maintained to complete the transaction. You can choose any trucking company for your shipping needs, or you can entrust your cargo to the company that commits. That’s Dillon Transportation. Serving the lower 48 states from our Tennessee terminal, our truck drivers take pride in providing professional and punctual delivery to our clients. Let us show you why our motto is "Service Second to None" — our respectable and reliable services.

Our Trucking Services

Dry Van Freight

Our primary service provided is dry van freight. Our trucking company fleet is designed to protect your precious cargo from the elements and transport it safely to its target destination. Dry van trucking is a versatile transport solution because it can be used to move a wide variety of cargo, including:

  • Palletized cargo
  • Boxed cargo
  • Loose freight

Our dry vans are ideal for any cargo that does not require temperature control or oversized handling but is vulnerable to the elements, including moisture from rain. Our experienced dry van truck drivers are ready to take your cargo where it needs to go and ensure it stays safe throughout the journey.

On-Time Delivery, Every Time

The one service we offer with every single job is delivery on time, every time. We boast a 99% on-time delivery rating that reflects our unflinching commitment to punctuality and professionalism. How do we do it? Our 24/7 on-site dispatch center, centrally located in Ashland City, Tennessee, provides cargo tracking information and updates in real-time. We understand how vitally important each load is to our customers, and that’s why we are dedicated to the delivery. When time matters, let us take care of your transport needs and get your load to its destination by the deadline, every time.

Experienced Commercial Drivers

Another major component of the experience we offer is the quality of the staff we hire. Finding talented and trustworthy truck drivers isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it to us to fill our team with folks who care about cargo as much as we do. Our drivers must satisfy a number of stringent criteria, including the following:

  • At least two years of recently verified experience driving an OTR tractor-trailer
  • No history of major chargeable accidents occurred while operating a commercial vehicle
  • Background check with no DUIs, DWIs, or felonies committed in the last ten years

We’re only as good as our team, and we strive to maintain a staff of truck drivers who are professional, dedicated, and trustworthy. When you entrust your load to us, you can be confident that it’s in the hands of a qualified, competent driver.

Recent and Reliable Equipment

Our drivers are the best, so of course, they deserve the best equipment, too. Our trucks are premier quality, with the oldest ones in the fleet being 2019 models and the newest being brand new 2023 models. All of our trucks are Freightliner vehicles that feature the following:

  • DD15 Detroit Engines
  • 10 Speed Eaton Transmissions
  • Compliant with SmartWay℠ environmental standards
  • Cascadia Double Bunk cabs

These features make it easier for our team members to drive comfortably and stay alert for longer. We also understand the importance of safety, so solo trucks are governed at 70 MPH while team trucks are governed at 77 MPH.

A Commitment to Integrity

Our commitment to integrity is foundational to all we do. We know that trucking is about efficiency and reliability — but we take it a step further and offer our clients a promise of integrity. What does this mean? We like to cite the company acronym as an example of the traits we strive to exemplify:

  • Diligent
  • Impartial
  • Loyal
  • Logical
  • Obedient
  • Neighborly

These characteristics symbolize the attitude we bring to every deal. We aim to earn each Tennessee client’s trust by being honest and building a relationship — not just completing a transaction. Rely on shipping solutions that are backed by more than a deadline.

Driving Directions

Our truck drivers travel across the country from our central locations in Ashland City, TN and Kingman, AZ to provide our clients with shipping solutions. We are a nationally recognized trucking company with routes going to the lower 48 states.

These destinations are part of our regular routes that our truck drivers travel consistently. We know these routes well, and we can take your freight wherever it needs to go in any of these destinations.

Tennessee Trusts Dillon Transportation

Dillon Transportation is more than just a trucking company. We offer a full suite of shipping solutions to our clients, guaranteeing on-time delivery and a commitment to integrity in our actions. Our truck drivers are ready to safely take your load on the road and tote it to its destination. This is especially true if you’re in Tennessee and looking for a local trucking company to help you transport freight in the state. We serve clients in Tennessee and across the country, and we can help you, too. Reach out to us for more information on how we can take care of your transport needs.


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