Retirement Bonus

Congratulations to Lindel Scott on his retirement! Lindel has been with Dillon Transportation since 2009. Lindel, we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to the company throughout the years! You will be greatly missed! Lindel was the first recipient of our retirement bonus that is in effect starting this year of 2022. The retirement bonus is going to be in effect for all shop/office staff and drivers full-time and part-time.
Requirements for Retirement Bonus:
-Must be a minimum age of 62 years.
-Must have worked for Dillon for a minimum of 10 years.
At full retirement, after meeting the requirements, the full time or part time employee will receive 1% of their last year's base income (that is less any longevity bonus they receive) times the number of years they have been employed. The retirement bonus will be paid through payroll with payroll taxes withheld, and due to being considered taxable income.
*Full-time employees who go to part-time will receive their bonus upon full retirement and bonus will be calculated based off of their last year of full-time work.