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May 2017 Driver of the Month

May 2017 Driver of the Month

Justin Garland is Dillon Transportation’s May 2017 Driver of the Month.

Justin started with us in March 2011 and is a valuable part of our team. Justin is very reliable & dispatch knows that once the plans are sent, the loads get where they need to be on time.

Congrats Justin! Thank You for all that you do!!

Get to know Justin…

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: – I was born in Connecticut and moved to Albany, NY when I was a young boy. I later moved to Tennessee & currently live in Harrogate, TN with my wonderful wife Ellen. It will be 6 years in October that we were married! I have 7 kids & 4 grandkids and I’ve got another grandbaby on the way!!!

Q: What do you like to do during your home time?

A When I’m home I like to ride my 4-wheelers & dirt bikes. And if I can catch one of my favorite teams playing, I like to do that too.  I’m a big NY Yankees fan & a 49’s fan!!

Also I love to Cook especially when I can start up the smokers. We have a big family so we are always having family get-togethers. I think I get that from my Grandmother. Whenever I would go over to my Grandmother’s house she was always cooking something from her Italian heritage & I had to eat no matter how full I was before I got there. My Dad is also a great cook.

My wife Ellen is a singer & I like to work with her on her music when I’m home as well.

Q: How did you find your way to Dillon Transportation?

A– I got into Transportation because I followed in my Dad’s footsteps. My Dad was driving over at Lazy Boy when he helped me get on there after I went to school. I got my foundation & experience there.

My Dad then got hired on at Dillon in 2008 and talked about what a great company it was. So in 2011 I was hired on at Dillon and have been here ever since & I’m looking forward to hitting my 10 year mark & later retiring from Dillon. I really like working here because it is so family oriented. Everyone knows who I am and I feel at home here.