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June 2017 Driver of the Month

June 2017 Driver of the Month

Team George G. Fisher Jr. and Mike R. Freeman are Dillon Transportation’s June 2017, Drivers of the Month.

George started with us in June 2011 & Mike started with us in September 2008. Dillon values George’s & Mike’s hard work and dedication!!

Congrats George! Congrats Mike! Thank You for all that you do!!

Get to know George and Mike…

Q: Tell us about yourself.

G: – I have been married to my wonderful wife Tosha for 5 years. We live in Dickson, TN & have 2 Maltese Shih Tzu furbabies…Millie and Walter. Tosha and I are looking forward to our 1st cruise over to Spain and Italy this year!!

M: – I’m married to my wife Ronica and we live in Manchester, TN. We have 4 kids (1 still lives at home) and 4 grandkids. Ronica & I are proud of our kids & have the best grandkids ever… Kyler (a Hippie), Nathan (Wiz Kid), Tyler (Comedian), & Naya (the Princess).


Q: What do you like to do during your home time?

G: – When I’m home I enjoy spending time with my wife and the babies. If the Ohio State Buckeyes are playing, I like to watch the game. I enjoy grilling and shooting guns.

M: – When I’m home, I like to spend time with my wife Ronica & son Alex. I’m a big time sports fan: Titans, Predators, Padres & Clippers. Baseball is my passion since I played through my school years. My family likes seafood, but I’m an Italian food person, so it’s up for grabs when I’m home. But I would love to travel to Ireland & Scotland in the coming years.


Q: What do you like about Dillon Transportation & the reason you have stayed for so many years?

G: – After 6 years with Dillon – I enjoy running team, plus having a good run. Dillon is more than just a job, it’s a HOME!

M: – The Open Door Policy, the Home Time, and most of all the Team Work and Family Atmosphere. The other employees that I work with, are the Best!