Dillon Transportation Sponsors Lunch at Highway Safety Event

At Dillon Transportation our motto is "Service Second to None", and the main way we accomplish this is through maintaining our excellent safety record with our drivers. Our safety scores are still some of the best in the industry. Check out our current safety scores here : Safety Measurement System - Overview (U.S. DOT# 706271)

Safety is a top priority to Dillon Transportation, and we want to help educate the community on safe highway driving practices involving semi-trucks. We partnered with Tennessee Trucker's Association to help sponsor the lunch for their Manchester Roadside Scales Event on March 12, 2024. The event was held in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Safety to educate on the levels of Safety Inspections performed on the highway at scales. Demonstrations of different levels of inspections are performed with the State Troopers leading the individual teams.

Manchester Roadside Inspection – REGISTER HERE | Tennessee Trucking Association (tntrucking.org)