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How to Get a CDL in Arizona

How to Get a CDL in Arizona

To secure a job in Arizona’s trucking industry, one must obtain a commercial license. If you’re looking to start a truck driving career, getting a commercial driver’s license will open up all kinds of opportunities for you. A commercial driver’s license demonstrates that you’re adequately trained, tested, and qualified to operate commercial motor vehicles on public roadways within Arizona.

Read on to learn more on how to get a CDL in Arizona.

Requirements for an Arizona CDL

When applying for a commercial driver’s license with the Arizona MVD, check the MVD manual. Also, review the state and federal regulations around obtaining a CDL in Arizona. 

Before earning an Arizona CDL, you’ll need to fulfill the following Arizona CDL requirements: 

  • You must be at least 18 to be licensed to drive a commercial vehicle within Arizona.
  • You must be at least 21 to be licensed to transport passengers, carry hazardous materials, or drive a commercial vehicle across Arizona state lines.
  • You must meet the medical requirements laid out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. To get an Arizona CDL, you must undergo a physical examination by a licensed physician and submit a Medical Examiner Certificate.
  • You must meet the knowledge and skill requirements by passing written exams to obtain your Arizona commercial Learner’s permit (CLP).
  • You must meet the residency requirements by providing personal identification documents like a Green Card, a Social Security Card, or a Birth Certificate.
  • You must have only one Arizona driver’s license at the time of application. The license should not be motorcycle-only.
  • You must have a good driving record for your personal vehicle and certify that your driving privileges have not been suspended or revoked in Arizona or other states.  
  • You must meet the Arizona CDL documentation requirements and pay fees for the class of license before taking an Arizona CDL test.

Earning an Arizona CDL

A commercial driver’s license replaces your regular driver’s license and allows you to operate a commercial motor vehicle in Arizona. To obtain an intrastate CDL in Arizona, you must be at least 18 years. If you’re looking to get an interstate CDL in Arizona, the minimum age is 21.

Here are the steps you need to get a CDL in Arizona:

  1. Submit An Application at Your Local DMV

Once you’re confident that you’ve met the requirements for an Arizona CDL, you can proceed with your commercial driver’s license application.

  1. Obtain Your Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP)

When applying for your first CDL license in Arizona, you’ll have to pass your CDL test and demonstrate your understanding of operating commercial vehicles. The first part of the CDL test will be a written test at the DMV. In the same way, you were issued a learner’s permit before your regular driver’s license. You’ll earn a CLP before a CDL in Arizona if you’ve passed this initial test. The written test is scored on the spot, and a commercial learner’s permit is issued if you pass this initial test.

  1. Train With a Commercial Motor Vehicle

The last part of the CDL test is the practical test. Before getting a CDL in Arizona, you need to pass the road skills test with the type of commercial vehicle you intend to operate after getting a CDL in Arizona. Enroll in a professional driving school to get hands-on training and prepare for a road skills test with your examiner in the car.

  1. Pass Your Road Skills Test

The final step in receiving your CDL is to pass your road test. You’ll receive your official license once you pass your road skills test. If you’re looking to pursue specific endorsements, seeking to change the class of your CDL, or looking to remove an air brake restriction from your Arizona CDL, you’ll be required to take additional road tests.

What Are the Top CDL Schools in Arizona?

If you’re looking to propel yourself into the commercial transportation industry, you need a commercial driver’s license. 

The following are the five top CDL schools you can take out a commercial motor vehicle training program in Arizona:

How Long Does It Take To Get a CDL License?

If you enroll in truck driving school today, you can graduate and launch your truck driving career in as little as four weeks.

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Sum Up

While it’s true that getting a CDL in Arizona involves several steps, Dillon Transportation believes that it can be a life-changing experience that’s sure to get your career off to a great start. To learn more about how you can apply for jobs with us, call us via (888) 393-4859