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Top Trucking & Driving Jobs

Are you looking for a new career? Do you enjoy driving? Do you think you can handle it for a full shift, day in and day out? If so, there are great jobs out there for those who enjoy cruising the open road. Whether you are interested in long-haul driving or local routes, prefer a solitary job, or a lot of social interaction, many driving careers may appeal to you. Here are some of the top careers for those who like to drive. 


Truck driving is a steady industry, and long-distance driving is a great way to see the country. With new routes and new scenery always at your fingertips, trucking lets you explore and enjoy the open road, all as part of your job. If you are comfortable with, or actually prefer, long drives, overnights, and don’t mind having plenty of time alone, trucking may be ideal for you. A trucking career offers excellent pay, and if you get into a niche market as a truck driver, you can earn even more. Trucking jobs that are considered ‘niche’ include:

  • ice road trucking jobs 
  • private fleets 
  • tanker/liquid hauling 
  • oversized loads
  • specialty car haulers
  • mining industry dump trucks
  • owner operator jobs 
  • union drivers 
  • team driving

These jobs often require an impeccably clean driving record, being comfortable taking on risk and liability with more dangerous jobs, and more skill and experience as a successful CD driver than beginning trucking jobs, but the tradeoff is often higher. This is because you’re often working in specialized industries or with specialized equipment, so you find that the skill and experience required are rewarded. 


As a delivery driver, there are many companies to choose from, and with the continued growth of online shopping, there are always packages to be delivered. Most of the day, you can be alone but still interact with people as you drop off their packages. These jobs are usually small daily routes, so you are not away from home or family, and if you are on a regular route, you’ll have familiar customers and friendly waves from excited children. This can be a fast-paced job, but a great opportunity if you like driving and prefer to be on the go constantly. 

Driving Instructor

If you’re good with people and a good teacher, becoming a driving instructor is an excellent way to combine your skills with your driving experience and expertise. You will spend a lot of time in the passenger seat and maybe some time in the classroom, so you won’t always be driving. However, becoming a driving instructor is a great way to pass on your knowledge to future generations of drivers and help keep roads safe. 

Bus Driver

Being a bus driver is great for social people. There are a few different types of bus driving jobs you can consider. A public bus driver meals, you’ll often have regular riders. Becoming a school bus driver is a good option for those who like children, and you can pick up shifts with field trips and special events. If you still want to explore and drive long distances, driving coach to casinos or popular tourist destinations can be a fun gig. 

Start a New Career in Truck Driving

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